Days off

I seem to spend my entire week at work, counting down the hours until I can finally walk out of the place with a day off or two ahead of me. Today was one of my days off, typically I slept in and relished in the ability to get up when I chose to, watched TV and stalked my usual victims on twitter and Facebook.

But later in the afternoon as the boredom settled in, I suddenly secured the urge to go out and do something with the evening. This is where the problem always lies with my time off work.

All of my friends that live in the vicinity, or close enough to travel to are either working or busy. My work friends are in the office for a meeting I lacked the motivation to attend, and would be unnecessary anyway – (I try to keep my time away days spent actually away from the place!) – and all my Twitter friends would completely freak out if I suddenly emerged in their town saying “Come meet me, I’m not a nutter. Honest!”.

Why is it that Sod’s law decrees that whenever I have the means and the willingness to go out and have fun, no one else is around?

Does anyone else suffer with this?

I’m writing this sat in a pub with my 85yr old father, drinking a pint of bitter having just had a steak and ale pie. I may resort to a whiskey……



Drive Thru Apple Store

Drive Thru Apple Store

So yes it probably would be an interesting idea to have a Drive-Thru Genius bar, or iPhone express lane window; but it seems that in america, an elderly driver decided to take the idea a step further – and drove straight in through the front door. I hope they bought Applecare!


New blog!


Hey everyone. I’m not one for putting stuff out there on the Internet for everyone to see so readily, but thought I would give this a try and see how it goes.

Let me know if there’s anything you’re curious about!

Slatetake 😉